Sunday, April 19, 2009

monday 20th april

aiit sooo this isnt my first blog because the other ones are deleted.
lets start off with, im not in the best mood because of friday.
lets just say, some pathetic asshole was being asshole.
at the moment im starving my ass off! i had some burek before. yum!
wow writing a blog is fair boring ay??
addd me on myspace;
no im not scene lmao :P
last night i went to the zabavaaaaaa

twas pretty fun considering i knew like NO ONE.
i won a whisky in a raffle.
still havent drunk it ahaha;
had some vodka & no hangover this morning- yaaaay !!!
last night got home at 9:00pm & stayd on the internet till 6:00am
& this morning i woke up att 1:00pm.
what a way to start the day.
it rhymes! im so poetic.!

well im gnna go edit my myspace nowww!
ciao :D
take care;